Latest news : I'm sorry but for 1-2 weeks I will not be active. I have some problems and I don't want to risk my health . I'm sorry for all those changes but here will be my last changes and forever. Minimum amount to withdraw will be set to 5000 satoshi for and 30000 satoshi for BTC wallet address.

1st Faucet Roll prize will be set to 15 satoshi instead of 20 satoshi (revenue is going down) hope to increase the revenue and also to increase the rewards again. First step to increase the revenue is to use Brave Browser . Also you will be rewarded up to 5000 satoshi if you respect the rules. Click here and read the rules :

Weekend fever will be active again starting tomorrow.

I will start to pay all members when I return

1. Payments In order to be qualified to receive an withdraw you must have at least 50% from your total completed shortlinks reported to Total faucet Claims in order to keep the Revenue. Here is an example : you have 500 Total Faucet Roll claims. In order to receive your payment you must have at least 250 Completed Shortlinks or 250 Completed Offerwalls (JungleSurveys) 2. Deposits deposit method added 3. Advertising We have added ,,Redirect,, option for all ads . After users complete to visit your site a new page will be opened , your page views will be doubled and more chances to increase your number of Direct Referrals 4. Lottery Lottery Round set to Weekly 1 Lottery ticket 10 Satoshi 5. Support email address support 6. Telegram group 7. Brave Rewards Each member who download, install and use Brave Browser for 30 Days can receive as a Reward 2500 satoshi up to 5000 satoshi. More details : 8. Jungle Surveys I will need your help to see the rates for all countries. Keep in mind one thing, Smartphones or Tablets have doubled rewards. If you are kind please complete one Jungle Survey from Offerwall menu 9. Latest news will be posted in our blog menu
500 Reward : use this Coupone cod : 8303-2009-7357-4783
Hope you understand the new rules and Enjoy your Reward !!!

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