In order to keep the rewards high or to increase them , users must support us by downloading, install and use this browser and not for free.
Brave browser rewards all new users with $5 in BAT tokens after they download, install and use the browser for 30 Days. Also they have started to give BAT tokens if you surf websites with Brave Browser.

Click here to download this browser :
After you get the reward from Brave Browser , you can Tip us , and we will give you in exchange for 1 BAT up to 500 satoshi.


Open brave browser and paste this link

1. Click on TOP right corner the ,,red triangle,, 

2. Click ,,Send a tip,,

3. Chose what amount you wish to TIP us . You can TIP 1 BAT (500 satoshi), 5 BAT (2500 satoshi)10 BAT (5000 satoshi)

4. After you send the TIP click on top right corner the 3 stripes menu and after that click ,, Brave Rewards,,

5. In order to verify and accept you  , on the Brave rewards menu , on the footer menu you will have ,,TIPS,, submenu. Make a screenshot of all page and send an email at [email protected]  with this Subject Title: Brave Tip.

After we check your proof , and you will be acepted we will send a mail confirmation with your reward. Keep in mind that the job will appear as rejected , because you can earn every time you will send us a TIP .

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