First of all, I want to wish you a Happy New Year!

This is our first Blog for this year and we hope to bring you great News.

As you may know payments are processed from Monday to Friday , Saturday and Sunday are day Off.

As many of you have problems with changing Bitcoin address from profile this will be a small help for you

Also another similar problem when you want to withdraw , enter the amount in bits . This is an example: enter 10000 not 10,000 or 10.000 or 0.0001 

Here will be our latest news for you:

1. Faucet Roll rewards increased up to 100,000 Bits for Basic Users. Upgraded members can win up to 2,250,000 Bits every 60 Minutes.

2. Jungle Survey rewards increased with 10%

3. 10% bonus for advertisers . Every time you will advertise on our website you will receive 10% Bonus in your Purchase Balance. Bonus will be added only for advertisers.

Also, there is a 200 Bits coupon code for you. All registered members until 12 January 2020 , 14:00 server time will receive this email.

We hope for a great year

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