I want to make few announcements .

1st : All new registered members must use only gmail email addresses . Other email addresses won't be accepted
2nd : All new members must activate their account . Activation link can be found also in SPAM messages
3rd : Bitswall Offerwall added . Now you can see other ptc ads or paid to watch clips.

IMPORTANT announcement for all users :

I know maybe you won't like this new rule , but in the last 2 months we've been fighting hard against frauds . Our Adscendmedia Offerwall account was suspended due proxy/vpn users . Also our earnings from Adscendmedia vanished . They won't pay us anymore . 

Our new rule is just to avoid hard work to verify all accounts in detail every time an user request a payment. Since we have added Bitswall , all users must complete PTC views from this Offerwall. You will earn more and they are only ptc ads.

Also , for those who didn't installed Brave Browser , >> click here to install << . We have enabled PTC ads from Brave. You can also earn BAT tokens every time an PTC will appear in right corner triangle from Brave Browser. 

The new rule will take effect starting 08 February 2020.

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