First of all I want to make an announcement regarding Offerwall Contest and Lottery. Due Theorem Reach Offerwall bug some members take advantage and completed repeatedly times and earn huge amounts of bits and Offerwall credits. Offerwall contest will be postponed for next month with higher prizes. Lottery Jackpot will be also reported to next round from 100,000 bits to 200,000 bits.

Now let's talk about latest updates.

1. Now you can Purchase referrals to increase your earnings. All sold referrals are real members registered without being invited by some other members.
Only members active in past 10 days, with at least 10 faucet claims and 10 shortlink visits are offered as referrals.
Purchased referrals will remain yours forever and they are random provided.

2. New Offerwall offers added

Bitswall Offerwall : you can earn credits by visit websites or watch videos
Adgem Offerwall  : install apps , play games or complete surveys to earn credits 
OfferToro : complete jobs, surveys to earn credits
OfferDaddy : complete jobs, surveys to earn credits

3. Contest Rewards : we are celebrating 1 Year since we are online and March Contest Rewards will be higher

4. We are moving our chat to telegram : if you are not already a member click here and join . I sugest all members to join our Telegram channel because you will never know when we will add new Coupon codes or other rewards.

5. There are no rules for withdraws

6. Referral commission increased for all users or memberships . Now you can earn more if you invite new users to our website.

7. New way to advertise your project will come . Stay tuned

8. Faucet Roll will be set to 30 minutes and will have same rewards . It can take up to 7 days to install . Keep in mind one thing . When faucet will be set to 30 minutes you must visit every time 1 shortlink before claim from faucet , so you must NOT complete all shortlinks before claiming from Faucet Roll.

New updates will be posted soon

1 March

Referral contest rewards increased for this month . Total prizes 0.00925000 Btc

Shortlink contest rewards increased for this month. Total prizes 0.00240000 Btc

Offerwall contest rewards increased for this month. Total prizes 0.00240000 Btc

Shortlinks timer will be reset at 00:00 server time

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