As I mentioned in previous blogs , in the last 30 Days we have received non-stop DDos Attacks and we have banned and deleted accounts from this countries :

Russian Federation , Thailand , Vietnam, Taiwan , China , Hong Kong , South and North Korea .

Attacks come from this countries . They are responsible for our and your lost . 

We were forced to change our server on 4 different Host providers due their attacks .

After last maintenance we have managed to make Firewall changes and results appear.

Here will be my changes that will apply for

1. There are no more banned countries (old accounts can't be restored )
2. Penalty system for inactivity eliminated
3. Faucet rewards will be increased gradually from the moment we start to generate profit
4. Withdraw rules eliminated

In this moment I can't offer high rewards , but in time we will grow up and we will increase them.

I will allocate some funds for Contests . Not so big , but will be a start.

I need support and help from  members. And they can help us by inviting new members or to advertise .

Hope to a new and long journey without problems !!!

Starting 6 July withdraw waiting time will be like this :

- From Monday to Friday I will send one time per day payments
- Saturday and Sunday will be my day off

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