As I promise to you , I try my best to put back websites. Will take some time (1 week maximum) to have them both 100% working perfectly.

Latest changes and announcements :

1. faucet and shortlinks rewards are as you see (minimum claim from faucet 10 bits and maximum 50000 bits for free users)
Reasons: we didn't earn any revenue in last time , new servers hosting bills , security license bills , revenue rewards from Banners decreased with 30% due Bitcoin price increase

2. Levels removed
Once we will start to be on profit and cover any cost of this new start , we will add them gradual

3. Shortlinks reset
Each shortlink reset after 24 hours since your last visit

4. PTC ads Packs New Prices
5 Seconds ad - 5 bits cost per view (minimum 500 ads can be purchased)
10 seconds ad - 8 bits cost per view (minimum 500 ads can be purchased)
15 seconds ad - 10 bits cost per view (minimum 500 ads can be purchased)
30 seconds ad - 15 bits cost per view (minimum 500 ads can be purchased)

5. Membership prices ,rewards and commission changed
Silver membership - Cost 0.0005 Btc per month , faucet multiplier x5 , faucet, offerwall, shortlinks referral commission 10%
Gold membershipCost 0.001 Btc per month , faucet multiplier x8 , faucet referral commission 15%, offerwall, shortlinks referral commission 12%
Diamond membership - Cost 0.002 Btc per month , faucet multiplier x10 , faucet referral commission 20%, offerwall, shortlinks referral commission 15%

6. Upgraded users compensation 
Since we've been inactive in last weeks and is not users fault , I have decided to award extra 15 Days for all upgraded users in this period

7. New deposit method
We are working to add as method of deposit. 

8. Payments requests and users verification
Starting tomorrow , 19 August 2020 payments will be resumed on
Minimum amount to withdraw for faucetpay will be 5000 bits until will return on profit
Users confirmation: each user who will request a payment , will receive from me an email. They will have to confirm my email that I will send them. After email confirmation payment will be sent .

9. Issues , bugs  - Please report
If you face any issues or problems please write in our telegram group

Don't post for pending payments , all this kind of messages will be ignored . Just read what I write

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