This month start with some changes and also announcements.

In this moment our first problem is pending payments from Advertising Banners . Blockchain confirmations are slow and need time to be confirmed . Some of them can take few minutes , hours and others can take days , weeks. It's not in my power to confirm one transaction on Blockchain.  We can have delay in payments . If our payments are not confirmed we can't pay you until will be confirmed.

Need just patience and understand that is not in our power to confirm one transaction.

If you don't know how a blockchain transaction works please make a research on google.

Future changes we will make on

Shortlink contest will be permanently removed next month . Reason : to many frauds , cheaters , scam shortlinks that never pay us . I have in mind to remove all shortlinks because they are not counting users claims and we don't earn nothing. Also is a big waste of time for users to stay minutes to complete them , pop-ads , redirects or pornographic ads.

Other changes that will come will be posted here . 

Stay tuned.

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