Greetings to all users . 

Yesterday I had another bad experience with . The number of frauds and cheats increased . Today I mentioned in our telegram channel that I will remove withdraws. The main reason is that I never been helped by them even I report those users who cheated to earn more from our websites and never return something from those users accounts , every time same excuse ,, he already withdraw , no refund for you,,.

Some members ask me why I don't catch those cheaters in time . My answer is simple , I have a full time job and my time is limited here on websites. I don't have enough time to check all users or all new ways of cheats . 

We have 2 options for withdraws :

1. Only direct bitcoin wallet payments : minimum amount to be withdraw to be set at 5000 satoshi with 300-500 satoshi fee . Users will have fee amount deducted from total amount withdrawn 

2. We will keep withdraws BUT minimum amount to withdraw will be set to 4000 satoshi and new members will need 100 faucet claims to unlock withdraws. Remember , only one time will be needed for new members to unlock withdraws , after that won't have any rules .  

100 claims needed to have time to check all new users to prevent frauds and cheats

Please comment on this blog . Waiting for users opinion .

Also , Payments will be sent in the following days : Monday , Wednesday and Friday 

I apologize for this delays in Payments , but we are waiting payments from advertisers since last week. Once we get paid we will start to send payments

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