Instant faucets Multiclaim Faucets List

You can claim every 5 minutes from our instant faucets directly in your ExpressCrypto account .

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5 min1-5 satoshi50%

BITCOIN faucet

Bitcoin Cash5 min35-55 satoshi50%

BCH faucet

Bytecoin5 min0.45-0.55 BCN50%

Bytecoin faucet

Cardano5 min18000-26000 satoshi50%

Cardano faucet

DASH5 min100-180 satoshi

DASH faucet

DigiByte5 min0.0033 - 0.0041 DGB50%

DigiByte faucet

DOGE5 min70000 - 90000 satoshi50%

DOGE faucet

Ethereum5 min14-22 gwey50%

ETH faucet

Ethereum Classic5 min400 - 560 satoshi50%

ETC faucet

Litecoin5 min140 - 180 litoshi50%Litecoin faucet
Monero5 min100-140 satoshi50%Monero faucet
NEO5 min400-560 satoshi50%NEO faucet
Peercoin5 min30000-50000 satoshi50%PER faucet
PIVX5 min25000-35000 satoshi50%PIVX faucet
Reddcoin5 min0.06-0.08 RED50%RED faucet
Ripple5 min30000-50000 satoshi50%XRP faucet
Stratis5 min15000-19000 satoshi50%STRATIS faucet
Tezos5 min7000-9000 satoshi50%XTZ faucet
Tron5 min0.003-0.005 TRX50%TRX faucet
Vertcoin5 min35000-45000 satoshi50%VTC faucet
Waves5 min1500-2500 satoshi50%WAVES faucet
Zcash5 min150-250 satoshi50%ZEC faucet
EX-GOLD5 min2000-2800 satoshi50%GOLD faucet
EX-SILVER5 min0.002-0.0028 SILVER50%SILVER faucet
Horizen5 min300-420 satoshi
50%ZEN faucet
KOMODO5 min15000-19000 satoshi50%KMD faucet
LISK5 min5000-6000 satoshi50%LISK faucet

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